Why Buying ED Trial Pack at an Canadian Pharmacy Online is a smart solution?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment is not as simple as it may seem. Usually healthcare specialists prescribe one of the PDE5 inhibitors, known as ED pills: Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. These three drugs have shown great efficacy (over 85%) for men of different age, with various symptoms and condition severity.

However, similar doesn’t mean equal. The action of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra has its own characteristics. These 3 ED drugs are different in the following aspects:

  • Time required to start working;
  • Effect duration;
  • Contraindications;
  • Side effects;
  • Dosage;
  • Price;
  • Combination with foods and alcohol.

This is why it is reasonable to order the ED trial pack and give all of them a try. The pack usually includes large enough dosages of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and contains a few tabs each. In this article we are going to consider the contents of most popular ED Trial Packs available at online pharmacies and tell you a bit more about these pills.

How to choose the most effective ED drug?

When selecting the ED drug, it is necessary to pay attention to patient’s individual characteristics, demands and tolerability of each. For most of men all three drugs will show significant effectiveness, and the final choice will be explained by individual preferences.

Some people enjoy fast and intense action of Viagra and Levitra, while others prefer Cialis for its prolonged effect. For some men it is important to take a worldwide-renown drug, such as Viagra. Others choose Levitra and Cialis for the opportunity to combine it with alcohol in moderate amounts.

However, for some men 1 or 2 out of these 3 drugs will work, while others won’t solve the problem. Individual insensitivity to drug components another possible issue that makes customer choice more complicated. The best solution is to test erectile dysfunction medications before ordering a large package of the one that fits you most.

ED Trial Pack: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis – what’s the difference?

Viagra Levitra


  1. Patented by Pfizer, USA
  2. Active substance: Sildenafil Citrate
  3. Generics: available
  4. Effective dosage for most patients: 100 mg
  5. Advantages: rapid and strong action, time-tested active substance, good tolerability
  1. Patented by Bayer, Germany
  2. Active substance: Vardenafil
  3. Generics: available
  4. Effective dosage for most patients: 20 mg
  5. Advantages: starts working in 30-40 minutes, may be combined with 1-2 portions of alcohol
  1. Patented by Eli Lilly, USA
  2. Active substance: Tadalafil
  3. Generics: available
  4. Effective dosage for most patients: 20 mg
  5. Advantages: may be combined with 1-2 portions of alcohol and fatty foods, has prolonged action (up to 36 hours)

Here is what these drugs have in common:

  • All of them work by dilating blood vessels in genitals area. It enhances the blood flow intensity to the penis and provide strong erection, when it is necessary;
  • ED drugs won’t cause erection without sexual stimulation;
  • Most of side effects are the same for these three meds: nasal congestion, visual disturbances, headache, digestion disturbances, dizzying and facial hyperemia (redness);
  • PDE5 inhibitors (all of the medications we are talking about here) do not cure erectile dysfunction completely but fight erectile dysfunction symptoms: inability to have an erection, weak erections, and premature ejaculation;
  • They need to be administered on a ‘as needed’ basis – therefore, it is impossible to miss a dose;
  • Patients need to avoid overdosage with Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and take only one pill per 24 hours;

ED Trial Pack: where to buy the best one?

ED Trial Pack is exactly what first-time customers should start from. It provides the opportunity to try each pill a few times and get a clear impression of the product efficacy, properties and side effects, if any. We have found a few trusted pharmacies and decided to compare, what they offer in their ED Trial Packs:


At this website (drug-24h.com/catalog/Bestsellers/Trial_Erection_packs_1.htm) you can get an ED Trial Pack of 20 pills, 3 dollars per each. It consists of 10 Viagra 100-mg pills and 10 Cialis 20-mg pills. The Airmail delivery costs another $10 and customers get a 10% discount for orders over $200.

  • Pros: competitive price, high medication dosage.
  • Cons: only two ED drug types per package – customers won’t get a chance to try Levitra.

My Canadian Pharmacy

At this reputable pharmacy you can order a great ED Trial Pack in two options:

  • 6 pills for $18.21 – 2 x Viagra 100 mg, 2 x Levitra 20 mg and 2 x Cialis 20 mg
  • 18 pills for $47.52 – 6 pills each for a better understanding of how your body reacts to them.

Customers can choose between premium and economy delivery. The pharmacy guarantees product quality and provides free consulting services from licensed medical staff online. No need to visit your doctor to buy one of ED Trial Packs online here. 10% discount for the following order!

  • Pros: low price ($3 per pill), 3 most popular ED drugs in one pack, free advice, two package variations, trusted pharmacy.
  • Cons: no.


Here the ED Trial Pack (grantpharmacy.com/ed-trial-pack) can consist of: 20, 40 or 60 pills (Viagra 100mg, Cialis 20mg). You can save a few cents on each but won’t be able to try Levitra. ED Packs that include Levitra 20 mg are even larger: 30, 60 or 90 pills and the price is substantially higher – $3.20 per pill.

  • Pros: 2 or 3 medications per pack, fast delivery.
  • Cons: too large packs to be called ‘trial’ – minimum 20 pills per one, higher price

Bottom line

According to our market study, the most beneficial offer for the ED Trial Pack can be found at http://www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com: they offer the cheapest pack that includes all three ED drugs.

How to take medications from ED Trial Pack?

The most important rule to follow is: 1 pill per 24 hours. Take Viagra and Levitra about 40 minutes prior to planned sexual activity and avoid combination with fatty foods. As Cialis takes a bit more time to start working, it can be used as a ‘weekend pill’ and should be taken 1 hour in advance. If you noticed side effects – make a note about it and compare with the next time you try this pill. Sometimes it is necessary to try the same medication at least twice to understand the side effects are not caused by something else: stress, anxiety or combination with certain foods.