Reasons to Buy

Top 10 Reasons to Buy MedicTag
  1. In a medical crisis, emergency responders have instant access to your personal emergency information without the need to use passwords or find codes!!!
  2. Personal health information is not placed on the Internet or stored in data base where it can be hacked or accessed inappropriately.
  3. MedicTag’s easy to read and easy to fill in the blanks format is a great benefit for all.
  4. You can update or change your information anytime you want to.  You are in total control of adding, erasing, or changing your own information on MedicTag.
  5. MedicTag does not require additional monthly or annual service fees, and there are no additional charges for making updates.
  6. There is plenty of additional storage space to add whatever miscellaneous or lifestyle information you would like to include.
  7. MedicTag is easy to carry wherever you go on a key ring or lanyard.
  8. MedicTag is a more advanced alternative to visible medical jewelry because
  • it provides vital health information instantly.
  • it provides contact information.
  • it provides personal information.
  • it provides medical history.
  • it provides medication information.
  • it provides insurance information.
  • it has a miscellaneous area for additional information such as lifestyle info, pet information, instructions, etc.
  • photos, x-rays, and lab results can also be included.
  • you can update your MedicTag anytime you want.
  • there is no need to make a phone call to access your information.
  • Great for emergency kits and emergency preparedness.
  • Great for gifts for everyone!