Erectile Dysfunction and Aging: What’s The Connection, and How to Deal With It?

There’s a myriad of studies that prove that men eventually start facing erectile dysfunction while they age. The risk of developing impotence dramatically increases after the age of 50. Why does it happen, and can you do anything to prevent the ED problems?

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain a normal erection for long enough to have a satisfying intercourse for both partners. Until recently, doctors connected impotence with psychological problems, and also regarded it as a normal part of the aging process. At the moment, urologists claim that ED affects about 90% of men older than 50 to some extent.

Researchers studied over 31,000 men in the age of 53-90: test participants were asked to evaluate their sexual performance in the recent three months without any treatment. Particularly, the ability to maintain a normal erection for a satisfying intercourse was evaluated. Men with poor ability were supposed to suffer from erection adequate for intercourse. Men with “poor” or “very poor” ability were considered to have erectile dysfunction.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Although the process of male sexual arousal seems to be simple, it depends on the complex reactions and processes inside the body. The brain activates nerves in the penile tissues that make muscles of the spongy tissues relax. When these muscles relax, the blood flows into the spongy tissue through the arteries. Higher blood pressure makes the penis increase the in size, and the membranes surrounding the spongy tissue help to sustain an erection.

If there’s something interfering with this process, a man can experience erectile dysfunction that expresses as a short-term or weak erection. Of course, you cannot chalk impotence up to aging only: while we’re getting older, we start facing healthy issues – that’s what triggers the impotence. Among the factors causing impotence, researchers highlight:

  • lack of physical activity, or heavy-duty physical job;
  • alcohol intake;
  • smoking;
  • unhealthy lifestyle and eating.

Therefore, impotence isn’t always age-related: it’s caused by the multitude of factors which pop up during the process of aging.

Other medical causes of ED include obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, low testosterone level, enlarged prostate, sleep disorders, and multiple sclerosis. Besides, some doctors claim that Parkinson’s disease is also connected with the ED. Diabetes is dangerous, too: it damages the nerves that send signals for boosting blood supply to the genitals. Men with type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from low testosterone level. See more ED causes on WebMD portal:

Is Erectile Dysfunction inevitable?

Even though aging takes its toll, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything for your sexual health. Modern medicine offers us a lot of solutions, but before you rush to the doctor, consider the following:

  1. A healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy sexual life, too. Be more active, break bad habits, and make sure that your well-being is okay.
  2. Healthy eating is the key to trouble-free erection and optimal testosterone level. Eat foods rich in zinc, Vitamins E, C and A, and other microelements.
  3. Abuse drinkers and smokers are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction earlier.
  4. Harmony in relationships is a crucial factor of a healthy sexual life. Sometimes it’s not the impotence to blame – problems with erection can be connected with lack of arousal. Refreshing relationships and adding something new will surely help to get back on the track.

Although ED frequency is more likely to increase with the age, it is still treatable. ED medications are a surefire way to restore normal sexual activity and achieve a good and long-lasting hard-on.

Why Viagra Professional?

Men after 50 need a special solution for ED treatment. Viagra Professional contains an optimal amount of active ingredient (sildenafil) and allows for restoring satisfying sexual life without strenuous efforts.

How does it work? Sildenafil makes penile muscles relax and boosts the blood flow to the penis. The effect of Viagra Professional lasts for at least 4 hours. Don’t worry – you won’t experience sudden and uncontrollable erections, it cannot be provoked without sexual arousal. Viagra Professional is a versatile solution for men with ED: it works fast and provides a long-lasting effect.