Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 


Are there any additional annual or monthly fees?

No, not at all.

Do I have to submit any of my medical forms to you?

No, absolutely not.

Do you have access to my medical information?

No, none at all.  Your medical information is private.

Do I have to sign a request for my medical records?

No! We do not see your medical records nor have any access to them.

Do I have to sign any documents to receive my MedicTag?


Do I have to submit any forms to you before receiving my MedicTag?

No, not at all.

Do I have to have my doctor involved before I get my MedicTag?


Can I update or change my information?

Of course!  You can do it yourself, and you can do it immediately.

Do I have to wait for any reason to change my information on MedicTag?

No!  That is one of our greatest benefits.  You don’t have to wait for any reason; you can change or update your information whenever you want to and as soon as something changes.

Can I make copies of the personal information in the MedicTag?

Yes, you can make copies anytime you like.

Can I protect the device from making accidental changes?

Yes, there is a switch that makes the unit “read only”. The switch prevents accidental changes from happening.

Can I save a backup copy of my emergency information?

Yes, when you have filled in the MedicTag, we recommend you save a back up copy to your computer.

Can I update or change my information?

Yes, information can be changed or updated anytime.

Can my doctor or pharmacist use my MedicTag?

Yes, if they have a computer.

Can my information contained in the MedicTag be used by emergency personnel?

Absolutely! Emergency room doctors and nurses use all of the information included in the MedicTag.  It is easy to immediately read.

Do you have to make a phone call or carry a card for contact information?

No. The information is in the MedicTag and immediately available to anyone who has a computer.

Do you have suggestions for additional miscellaneous information?

Yes, view some ideas by clicking here.   

How would the MedicTag be useful during an emergency evacuation?

With the MedicTag digital medical alert device, any child or adult can carry essential personal and medical emergency information in any emergency situation. As an example, MedicTag might have been of great use to families who were involved in Hurricane Katrina. Evacuees would have been able to carry vital information about personal health, history, family contacts, identification, and other important information on the MedicTag. Children who were evacuated to other areas might have been easier to identify, had each child carried a MedicTag.

Is the MedicTag water resistant?

Yes, it is, but it is not completely water repellant. It must be dry to plug into a USB port. In an emergency, it would be important to protect the MedicTag by carrying it in a water repellant bag such as a zip lock bag. Such a bag could be stuffed in a pocket, pocket book, sac, bag or box or any other container.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the MedicTag, simply return it to SAFE Aging, Inc. 9330 Regency Park Blvd Port Richey, Florida, 34668 within 60 days of purchase from SAFE Aging, Inc., for a full refund, less shipping and handling costs.

Should I keep a written copy of the personal information on the MedicTag in my car?

No! We do not recommend that.  But, you could give a written copy to family members, or place in a safe and secure place with other important papers.

Should I include my social security number in the personal medical information?

No, for security purposes, we do not recommend including your social security number.

What emergency services can use the MedicTag device?

Any ambulance, rescue, police vehicles and/or emergency nurses or doctors that have access to a PC or laptop can upload MedicTag information.

Can I put a “Do Not Resuscitate” order on my MedicTag?


Can I put an Advanced Directive (Living Will) on MedicTag?

Yes, you can scan any digitized form you want to include.  You can add a note in the yellow highlighted area at the beginning of the form to see your filed Advanced Directive. Another option would be to note you have an Advanced Directive or Living Will in the miscellaneous section.

Is there a place on MedicTag I may add specific medical information about my children?

Yes. You may include any information you want to in the miscellaneous section of the MedicTag.

Can I place copies of my child’s inoculation records on my MedicTag?


Can I carry a copy of my X-Rays on the MedicTag?

Yes–as long as the x-rays are digitized.

I am a Health Care Surrogate for my mother. Can I carry copies of that document on my MedicTag?

Yes. You can add a copy of any legal document.

I am a Guardian for my grandchild. Can I carry that file on my MedicTag?


Should I include information about my pet on the MedicTag?

Yes. You could include information about your pet and  procedures to take during an illness or emergency. We suggest you include this type of information in the miscellaneous section.

What can I do if I don’t have access to a computer at home?

Ask for help from a family member or friend, or visit a local library.

How can MedicTag make my life easier?

MedicTag provides a place to keep personal emergency information in one easy to find place. It organizes information. The information on the MedicTag can be easily printed. Here are some scenarios when the Medic Tag can be used to make life easier.

  1. Save Time: Instead of completing forms, make a copy of your most recent MedicTag update for your doctor or pharmacist. This is really great for busy people, or people with physical and mental challenges.

  2. Illegible handwriting: If handwriting is Illegible or hard to read, errors can be made. Giving a printed page of personal medical information can be helpful for medical staff, and makes their lives easier and your life safer.

  3. Caregivers: The MedicTag can be used by caregivers to easily update complex or changing information.

  4. Children of Aging Parents: Adult children of aging parents can keep a copy of Mom and Dad’s MedicTag information at home. In the event of serious illness or some other crisis, information can be easily and quickly accessed.

  5. Physically or Mentally Challenged: Important contact and personal emergency information can be carried on the MedicTag, or easily printed when needed. Forgetfulness or difficulty remembering names, addresses, medical or personal history, complicated medication names and specifics dosages won’t be a problem any more!

    If writing is difficult due to hand coordination, grip strength or endurance challenges, keeping information on the MedicTag can make life a lot easier.

    If handwriting is just plain hard to read, the MedicTag is an easy solution!

  6. Hand or finger pain: Handwriting can be difficult and painful for anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or many other hand injuries and conditions. Not having to complete excessive paperwork can save energy and make life easier.

  7. Communicate with pharmacist: You can show your pharmacist a copy of your completed MedicTag. The list of medications, dosages and dosage schedule can be a great help, especially for new pharmacy customers who have multiple doctors and take multiple medications. It can also be very beneficial for customers who are forgetful, poor historians, not well informed, confused, or just plain busy!.

Let us know if you found another way Medic Tag made your life easier. Contact [email protected]

Technical Questions

What are MedicTag System Requirements?

  • IBM Compatible PC or Laptop
  • Windows XP*
  • USB 1.0/1.1/2.0
  • Microsoft® Word

*Windows XP is recommended and will automatically recognize the device. MedicTag also works with Windows 2000. Windows 98SE users will need to download and install the free drivers from the support page.

If you do not have Microsoft Word a FREE open source Office Suite is available from OpenOffice.org at  http://www.openoffice.org/

MedicTag requires very little computer skill to use, on most systems it is “plug and play” and is a simple fill in the blanks format. It is compatible with 99.9% of the home and office computer systems in use today and requires only Windows and MS Word to fill out the information form. And no special software is needed to read it, all Windows operating systems include WordPad which can read the information form.

How much information can be stored on the MedicTag?

32 megabytes.  This is enough storage space to include a book as big as “War and Peace.”

What if I have a problem using MedicTag?

Visit www.MedicTag.com for support.

What is the switch used for?

The switch can be used to make the unit “read only”, protecting your information from accidental changes. Make sure the switch is to the LEFT when adding or updating your information.

I can’t open the MedicTag file. What do I do?

Click on “My Computer” then click on the MedicTag red cross icon to view the files on the MedicTag drive. The information form must be named “MedicTag Information.doc” without the quotes. If you saved the form with a different name than the original, the menu program will not be able to find it.

Another common error is saving the form with the wrong file type extension. It must be ” .doc “.

If you are using a word processor other than Microsoft Word, make sure it is configured to save the form as a Word document with the .doc extension. For example WordPad can only read .doc files, it cannot be used to save a file with the .doc extension.

If you have saved the form in another format such as .rtf you will need to contact support to obtain a new copy of the form.

What if the program doesn’t start automatically?

Click on “My Computer” then click on the MedicTag icon then click on “Autorun”. For a step by step guide click here. You can also get the text version here if you want to print out the instructions.

Fundraising/Volume Distribution & Customization

Can the MedicTag be used for fundraising events?

Absolutely! Refer to our page on fundraising.

I am involved with a non-profit agency. Are there special price packages available?

Yes. We have special pricing programs for non-profits. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Can I receive a discount for multiple orders?

If you are interested in purchasing volume amounts of 24 or more please contact [email protected].

Can the MedicTag be branded with our own name?

Yes. It can be branded with your own logo with volume orders. The Angelman Foundation recently customized and branded their own MedicTag for their membership. They even had special files installed to detail information about the Angelman Syndrome.

For more information about custom branding, contact [email protected].

Can the MedicTag be custom packaged?

Yes, the MedicTag can be custom packaged for orders of 1000+. For specific details, contact [email protected].

Can I become a Sales Consultant for MedicTag911.com?

Yes, please contact [email protected]

How do we become a retail distributor?

Please contact [email protected] for more information.