My Canadian Pharmacy is a portable digital medical alert device that allows the user to organize, record, store, and carry personal medical and emergency information anywhere, anytime. With Medic Tag, your personal and private emergency information is not stored on the Internet, or on any data base system.

Why My Canadian Pharmacy?

  • Our pharmacy is available for processing the orders twenty-four hours straight. It is especially helpful when medications are required urgently. Rhythm of modern life lies in the fact that the time a person may spare is early morning or late night. My Canadian Pharmacy will accept and process your purchase anytime.
  • A person doesn’t need to go to the drug store. All he or she needs to do is to order medications online and have them delivered by a carrier service. When a customer is short of time or feels bad, our online pharmacy will be the perfect solution.
  • Canadian Pharmacy offers only beneficial prices which are much lower than the ones offered at most online and offline drug stores. The reason for that is quite simple. MCP doesn’t need to spend money on rent of premises, invest in large personnel of pharmacists and peripheral staff. Reduction of costs allows it to establish lower pricing for medications.
  • The assortment of medicines in our online store is more than in average pharmacies. It concerns not only pharmaceutical medications, but also other goods, including cosmetics, biologically active substances and hygienic remedies. Besides, while choosing one or another product, a customer may think over if he has chosen the right product or not. Traditional drug stores cannot offer this possibility.
  • MCP guarantees absolute privacy. Some medicines are connected with so intimate problems that it is quite uneasy to pronounce them to a pharmacist while standing in a queue. We make sure that your online purchase is confidential and classified.
Emergency preparedness or disaster planning

  • Organizes vital emergency information
  • Emergency info there when needed the most
  • Portability in any situation

Personal Safety

  • Instant access to life saving information
  • Reduces risks of medical errors due to lack of information or misinformation
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use, carry, update and print
  • Saves time
  • Easy to remember details
  • Water resistant
  • Stores other miscellaneous information


  • Great buy!
  • No monthly or annual fees!
  • No need for phone calls
  • Peace of mind

Personal vital details are easy to find when needed the most. In the most stressful situations, MedicTag can give peace of mind to anyone at risk; family members; friends and caregivers.

Other Uses

Besides holding vital health and contact information, My Canadian Pharmacy can be used to

  1. record personal instructions
  2. share information with others (such as pharmacists, caregivers, other family members or health professionals)
  3. carry other important files such as:

·        copy of driver’s license

·        copy of road test results

·        copy of state driving records

·        health waivers

·        medical evaluation history

·        medical examiner’s certificate

·        results of medical examination reports or certifications

·        skill performance evaluation certifications

·        x-rays, etc.

Places to Keep Other MedicTags

Besides carrying MedicTag on a key ring, or wearing it on a lanyard, here are other useful places to keep a MedicTag:

  • back pack
  • disaster kit
  • gym bag
  • pocketbook
  • tool kit
My Canadian Pharmacy Provides Instant Access to Personal Medical and Emergency Information

Emergency responders can easily upload important accurate life saving information

“In a medical emergency, you might be unconscious or unable to speak for yourself,” said Alfred Sacchetti, MD, of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). “That’s why it’s so important to make sure that medical personnel have access to your medical history, as well as relevant contact information. For example, knowing what medications you are taking could prevent severe drug interactions, and knowing what allergies you have could prevent serious reactions.” (American College of Emergency Professionals)

“Always include copies of prescriptions and important medical information such as lists of allergies and personal medical history forms for each traveler in your first aid kit,” says Dr.Frederick Blum, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). “Having that information with you ensures that it will be available in the event of an emergency.” MedicTag makes this easy!

Keeps all of your medical information in one place

“Medical information that you and your doctors need for your health care is likely scattered in many places. That means that important information about medication, allergies, and medical history may not be available when you or a new health care provider needs it. That’s why experts recommend that individuals gather information and maintain a personal health record. It’s easier than you think, and will likely lead to better health care. ”

—US Dept Health and Human Services (ARHQ)

Emergency preparedness or disaster planning

MedicTag organizes essential personal medical and emergency information.
MedicTag provides life saving info immediately, without delays.
MedicTag easy to update.
MedicTag is vital for emergency preparedness or disaster planning.